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Estillon is a leading producer in the underlay market. Specific for hotel industry we offer carpet underlay products that contributes to a longer effective life of the carpet, makes your carpet wears less quickly and guarantee a silent hotel room. Underlay for LVT have no drying and waiting time, are sound reducing and do not damage the subfloor. We also offer products for laminate flooring and non-skid rug pads. Of course all products have the necessary fire certification.



About Estillon

With more than 50 years of experience in developing, producing and providing advice for underlays and installation accessories, Estillon is a full-service provider that always offers just the right solution.

Estillon’s range of innovative products and installation techniques makes it a specialist in offering a complete line of underlays for all kinds of floor coverings. We and our international network of agents and retailers, along with our experienced full-service sales team, would be pleased to assist you. Our centrally located warehouse in Uden, The Netherlands supplies various wholesalers, retail chains and building outfitters in the Netherlands as well as worldwide. Years of experience in the successful building outfitting of hotel chains, casinos, theatres, cruise ships and offices have made Estillon a specialist in this field!


Contract Market

Estillon has a number of perfect underlays for both carpets and hard-surface floor coverings that meet the highest standards for flame retardancy, durability and comfort. Our products are distinguished by being very easy to lay and by providing excellent performance during and after installation. This is because they possess such characteristics as low weight and excellent cut resistance and impression resilience. As a rule, the products are also emission-free and not dangerous to human health. 

Estillon's products are used in retail outlets, office buildings, hotels, casinos, theatres and cruise ships.


Service and Quality

As a world leader in flooring solutions, Estillon has been providing underlays for laminate, linoleum, PVC, vinyl, and carpet since 1965. In this time we have supplied carpet underlays for hotel groups such as the Marriott, the Steigenberger, and the Hilton, in locations stretching from Moscow to Seville. For Estillon, excellent service, quality, innovation and reliability are top priorities.

Estillon has just the right underlay for any hotel. We truly value our collaboration with manufacturers of carpets, laminate floorings, PVC floorings and adhesives. This interaction is expressed in the sharing of product expertise and the testing of product combinations. The extensive product knowledge and specialist skills of Estillon employees enable us to provide professional advice. Effectively organized logistics means that your orders will be delivered on time.

We understand that the hospitality industry is both demanding and versatile, it is therefore our belief that our hotel carpet underlays embody much of the same characteristics.


Hotel Underlay 

Estillon hotel carpet underlays provide the hospitality industry with the finest in versatile and durable carpet technology. This allows us to supply our customers with the perfect hotel carpet solution for the most appropriate of situations and settings, whether it be for a heavy-traffic lobby area or a busy but ambient hallway. Additionally, our hotel carpet underlays are not only innovative and of the highest quality, but provide our customers with the easiest means of installation. 

At Estillon we understand that an industry is driven by its customers. We therefore try to envisage and align the quality of our hotel carpet underlays, not only through the eyes of hoteliers, but also through the eyes of their customers. Whether visiting on business or recreation, our high quality hotel carpet underlays help aid our customers in providing their clientele with the finest of hospitality experiences, from a beautifully ambient hotel reception to the warmth and calmness of a guest room that feels just like home.


Underlay for carpet:

  • • Longer effective life of the carpet
  • • Carpet wears less quickly
  • • Contributes greatly to comfort and luxury


Underlay for LVT:

  • • No drying/waiting time
  • • Maximum stability
  • • Sound reduction
  • • Floating system


Underlay for laminate flooring:

  • • Acoustical improvement
  • • Suitable for floor heating
  • • High compressive strength


Non-skid rug pads:

  • • Levels out small irregularities
  • • Light weight and easy to install
  • • Extends the lifetime of the rug



Estillon official partner of Quiet room® label for hotels

The Quiet room® Label Concept was introduced by the Sound Insulation Knowledge Centre (Kenniscentrum Geluidsisolatie - KGI). This is the first and only objective quality certificate for hotels in terms of soundproofing. 

With the Quiet room® label, hotels can generate added value for their guests; The guests are then guaranteed a stay in a quiet room. But with this certificate, property owners are also a step ahead when it comes to selling their properties to hotel chains. 

The KGI can advise on new products from various suppliers during renovation or construction work, so that this high level of acoustic comfort can be attained. One of those suppliers is Estillon, which already has a proven track record in the field of acoustic and contact noise reduction. Estillon is a specialist in underlays and a leading player in the hospitality sector. 


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