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HANSE has been exclusively founded for the worldwide hospitality industry and became one of the leading bedding manufacturer globally. Next to our headquarters in Germany, modern production facilities for purification and amelioration of down and feathers and for manufacturing of the ready-made duvets/comforters and pillows are being run in Kaltenkirchen (Germany) and in Hefei (China). Furthermore, strategic and direct partnerships have been built up worldwide , which enables us to offer our products and qualified services all around the globe.



Hospitality Bedding Products

Since 1986, Hanse became a, in the worldwide hospitality, well-known brand for finest and high-quality down & feather filled duvets/comforters, pillows and featherbeds/mattress toppers. With our decades of Cooperation at the worldwide down and feather market, we are able to fulfill all qualities and composition for create the most comfortable products for our customers.  

With an annual production capacity of about 4 million pillows and 1.5 million comforters/duvets, we are one of Europe's largest Manufacturer. 

Up till now, we have supplied our high quality bedding products to more than 850 upscale hotels worldwide. 


Hotel Featherfree Bedding 

Today, it is only a small, but consistent number of guests who, despite product developments such as NOMITE or scientific research, still believe in allergic reactions towards the natural filling material. These guests cannot and will not enjoy the incomparable comfort of sleeping under a naturally filled duvet. For them, the use of synthetically filled products is a must!

Accordingly, it is recommendable to always have a certain number of synthetic products available for exchange, to offer any guest a comfortable experience. This is possible with synthetic products as well, provided the right quality is chosen:

As a licensed manufacturer of ADVANSA (products formerly known under the name of DuPont), we have developed several synthetic product lines that do provide best possible comfort with lasting durability of the products despite the heavy ware and tare of daily hotel-requirements.

Try our “Dacron95” range! It offers a best possible balance between comfort and easy handling for the housekeeping. This product line resists a washing temperature of up to 90°C and a drying temperature of up to 60°C – synthetic comfort even after regular laundry cycles - just what people suffering from allergies do expect and hope for. 


HANSE quality certificates & control management

A further major focus is on our extensive quality control system, with own in-house laboratories both in Germany and China, with regular tests and certification of our filling materials but also the ready-made products through independent test institutes. Only confirmed qualities will be shipped out to our customers to provide a guaranteed high quality level.

Generally features of our products and company are: 

  • - European Norm (EN 12934)
  • - Downafresh Greenline (Hygiene as per EN 12935)
  • - Oeko Tex 100 Standard
  • - NOMITE Trademark
  • - In-house Laboratory
  • - BSCI Membership



Housekeeping & Improvement

As HANSE was founded exclusively for the hotel business, we have ever since emphasized a very close communication with housekeeping/operations and especially laundry companies, to permanently improve our products to the demanding ware and tare and requirements of hotel-business today, always producing our products to the individual and local requirements of each of our customers.


HANSE Textilvertrieb GmbH
Boschstr. 16, 
24568 Kaltenkirchen, 
Tel: +49 4191 99760
E-Mail: hotelvision@hansetextil.de
URL: www.hansetextil.de


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